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A Statement from Grenfell United Regarding the One Year Anniversary

A statement released by Grenfell United regarding the one year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire on 14 June:

"Grenfell United would like to thank all those individuals and local organisations that have contacted us with regards to arranging activities around the year anniversary of the tragic events of the 14th June 2017, and take this opportunity to inform the community of our plans for the 14th, 15th and 16th of June 2018. On the 14th June, Grenfell United are asking that the privacy of the bereaved families and survivors is respected.

During the daytime members of Grenfell United will be gathering together privately in order to be able to support each other and reflect and grieve in peace. We will be calling for the UK to observe 72 seconds of silence at midday to remember each life that was lost in and after the Grenfell Tower fire. On the evening of the 14th June, Grenfell United will be taking part in the Silent March and then we will gather to observe "Iftar" and the breaking of bread at sunset, which we hope many of our fellow marchers will join us in.

On the 15th June, Grenfell United are working with the Dept of Education to request that as many school children as possible are able to wear green items of clothing to school in order to highlight "Green for Grenfell" (more information to follow). On Saturday 16th June, Grenfell United will not be putting on any events ourselves but we will be encouraging our members to join in with the many activities that are being organised by the North Kensingon community (including Al Manaar and various local RA's).

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support at what will be a challenging and difficult time for our community. Grenfell United are determined that the local community comes together in unity over the anniversary period and that local organisations who wish to contribute with events or ideas do not feel marginalised or excluded. It is very much the hope of Grenfell United that all the different local organisations and RA's can come together and work collaboratively to ensure that any events that are being scheduled are run in a way that respects the wishes of bereaved family members and ex-Grenfell Tower residents and promotes inclusivity and celebrates community cohesion."

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