Spotlight on Persian Care Centre

Spotlight on Persian Care Centre

Spotlight on Persian Care Centre


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1. What is your organisation’s name?

     The Persian Care Centre. 

2. Can you describe what you usually do?

We have provided a therapeutic space and non-threatening environment for elders to meet and exchange ideas and where they can continue to build their knowledge of local resources. Trusting relationships are gradually built up with statutory and non-statutory services. This makes a contribution to the way in which elders are enabled to build their networks, reduce fear and sense of isolation.

Our organisation is well established for the last 20 years and provides a forum for socially isolated and /or disabled elderly refugees whose first language is Farsi in order to provide them with:

  • Programmes which address health and social care inequalities promoting better selfcare and self-responsibility
  • Fostering a more positive selfimage.
  • Encouraging the elders to be in touch with one another.
  • Liaise working with health and social care agencies to provide a programme of enablement.
  • Supporting the users to maintain an independent life.
  • Identify social and health care needs and share the information with the users.
  • Workshop on healthy eating & cooking
  • Information on a range of social care, health topics aimed at the elderly people

3. Can you tell us how you’ve had to change your normal services/activities?  

Once we stopped our gatherings in person, we set up a group in Telegram where we set up a radio station, sharing lots of very memorable and exciting music. We keep our members occupied and motivate them through the radio broadcasting, bringing them into the conversation, interviewing each member and broadcasting to everybody else so they can get the sense of togetherness and supported during this crisis.

We support some of our elders with their shopping through food and other shopping needs, those who are most vulnerable. Our organisation has also provided listening therapy for members who have no one to talk to and are very vulnerable to depression. Although with our best efforts, we managed to make the most out of the situation, it wasn’t all good news, we have had to face very painful reality of losing one of our dearest members.

4. Tell us of a current achievement or something you’re particularly proud of, at the moment?

We are so proud that we have been able to keep our elders together through the group, chatting and encouraging them to communicate on the group and ask each member to call another member throughout the lockdown and report it on the chat. In the group, we encourage them to send any photos of activities such as gardening, cooking and any activities that they have been doing on their own.

For example, some of our members have shared photos of remotely doing activities with their grandchildren together such as watching movies and gardening.

5. Do you have a particular case study and quotes from the current lockdown period?

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, a 90 year old gentleman had a fall and broke his hip causing him to have to go to hospital for an operation. Unfortunately to further add to this he was very unwell with corona like symptoms for another two weeks. In that period, every member who we interviewed within the radio broadcast sent their well wishes to him. His daughter who was looking after him during this period, shared that he was lighting up just by hearing every member wishing him well and supporting him through this moment in life.

He recognised everyone’s love for him and felt so special, although hope for his survival was low, he was so touched and impressed by the support our members shared on the broadcasts.

We are happy to say that he recovered.

Here are some quotes from members:

“Persian Care Centre is actively keeping the group together, connected and communicating between each member despite the distant social distancing by using the technology with group apps.”

“We feel more connected and emotionally supported, although we have had to socially distance.”


Please click here for more information on the Persian Care Centre. 



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