Spotlight on The Playground Theatre

Spotlight on The Playground Theatre

Spotlight on The Playground Theatre

The Playground Theatre have launched a virtual play-reading group to tackle isolation. Everyone is welcome, and each session is run by a member of The Playground’s team. 

A member of the theatre said they are "really proud of the impact that the project has had during this upsetting period. We’ve had a lot of emails and comments about how important the sessions have been for helping people to cope with their isolation."

The Theatre runs 2 sessions per week with approximately 15 participants each time. They send out the script in advance so that everyone can have a look through if they want to, and then hand out parts once they know who has joined them online.

One individual who has been attending the group commented "I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying these play reading sessions. It has made such a difference to the lockdown situation. It transports me away from all the worry and terrible news… "

Playground Theatre has had a huge range of people involved already, and are starting a third session this week. Currently their sessions on Tuesdays at 2pm and Fridays at 11am are available. 

Anyone interested should email and they will send details (script and zoom link). 

You can visit their website for more details


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