Spotlight on Community Massage London

Spotlight on Community Massage London

Spotlight on Community Massage London

CML was incorporated as a Community Interest Company in 2018.  Their mission is to improve health and wellbeing through massage therapies, in London’s communities. Between 2018 and 2020 they have worked with:

· KCSC - Self Care Project/My Care My Way

· Mental Health Self Care in partnership with SMART London & ADKC Trauma Group.

· Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea - Subsidised Massage and reflexology sessions available to members. 

· Parkview Community Champions - Seated massage and reflexology.    

· They have also supported a number of one-off community events in Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea. 

Since mind March CML have not been able to provide any 'touch' therapies.  Their therapists have instead been providing welfare calls to existing clients and also to under 65’s who have been referred for welfare/befriending calls.

Those who have been receiving welfare calls from the team have said:

" Thanks for communicating over weeks of lockdown. I’m really glad that I could reach out to speak and not feel alone and isolated"

One individual especially illustrated how the Community Massage team have helped them during the lockdown:

JH is a 58 year old lady shielding at home with her adult son.  She has heart disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, asthma, insomnia and anxiety and her son has asthma. As a result of having to shield they spend their days in separate rooms and speak to each other with more than a 2 metre distance or on the phone in accordance with governement guidelines and the letters they have received from the government to shield.  

They have not been out in over 3 months; when CML first called they were struggling to get food and so their referrer was contacted resulting in a referral for regular food parcels.

The client is called every week at regular times and they chat about all sorts of things, enjoying someone different to talk to.

During the calls it came to light they wanted to do some gentle exercise/mindfulness so they were sent links to a variety including College of Medicine online Zoom sessions. As a result regular food parcels have been arranged and weekly befriending/welfare calls. They have also engaged with online mindfulness sessions and have found these help with their anxiety.

JH has said “I am shielding this has been a lifeline, I really look forward to your calls, they make such a difference”

Please visit CML's website for more details. 


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