Roundtable Discussion leads the way on food poverty in Kensington and Chelsea

Roundtable Discussion leads the way on food poverty in Kensington and Chelsea

Roundtable Discussion leads the way on food poverty in Kensington and Chelsea

In light of the response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the information below is out of date. KCSC is currently collecting up to date information about local foodbanks that are still running and you can find it here.

On 28 February 2017, KCSC held a roundtable event on food poverty.  Read the highlights from the discussions where a total of 31 people participated.    

Key points

  • Food banks often need more funding, storage space, vehicles
  • Foodbanks rely on volunteers and so volunteers need to be well supported
  • Volunteers from the St Luke’s one that closed down are interested in supporting any new food bank set up in the borough, the will is definitely there amongst volunteers. 
  • Trussell Trust is currently developing some training on sign posting for volunteers to be able to effectively refer foodbank users to other services.
  • There can be an issue with users having to carry heavy bags home over long distances. It would be good if all referrers inform and advise users for visiting a food bank e.g. suggesting they bring bags/a wheelie case.  Users can be advised on taking a wheelie case or bag with wheels when being referred.
  • Foodbanks are seeing more people with mental health needs.  Better joining up of how to refer people for help is needed
  • Cllrs should be actively encouraged to visit foodbanks
  • Volunteers can be trained on the healthy starts programme where families are given vouchers to purchase healthy food at Portobello market stalls. Find out more here

Key actions

  • Improve coordination across the system – particularly in referring people with mental health needs to places of support.  KCSC will promote the new Mental Health Navigator service once up and running.
  • Potential new food bank in K&C could be on the horizons.  KCSC to try and follow development of this and update the sector.
  • Link cases for funding/support for food banks in K&C to wellbeing and nutrition.  KCSC to follow up with RBKC Early Help Department.
  • All to promote healthy start vouchers (volunteers can be trained) – leaflets will be left in the KCSC office for organisations to collect.
  • KCSC to inform Cllr Weale that H&F foodbank would be happy to extend an invitation to visit the foodbank which is now being used by K&C residents. 
  • KCSC to send slides from the presentations and link to foodbank research by Esmee Fairbairn

Read the report - Is it appropriate to use surplus food to feed people in hunger? A report that argues that food aid providers such as foodbanks are only a sticking plaster and does not adequately address food insecurity - What do you think?

Find out more about Dad's House Food Bank here

Presentation on the Healthy Start Vouchers

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