North Kensington resident-led Community Governance

North Kensington resident-led Community Governance

North Kensington resident-led Community Governance

Earlier in the year, RBKC Council's Grenfell Community Team (GCT) conducted a consultation about the Grenfell Projects Fund (GPF) and the Community Leadership Programme (GLP), where residents said that they would like to be more involved in community governance of the two programmes. 

Through this process community members identified that there should be a resident-led panel for both the GPF and the CLP to enhance the co-design and co-production as they move forward into round 2.  Any residents interested in being on the panel, can apply via the expression of interest form

Please note, in order to be eligible to apply a resident must:

  • Be 16+
  • Currently live in one of the following Wards: St Helen’s; Notting Dale; Dalgarno; Golborne; Colville; Norland or Pembridge
    (Click here to view North Kensington ward map).

Also to become a member of the GPF and CLP panel residents will:

  • Not be able to apply for GPF and/or CLP funding for the duration of their commitment to the panel
  • Have to disclose any relationships with prospective applicants for GPF and CLP round 2.

View resident led panel leaflet here.

The deadline for the application is Tuesday 31st August.



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