New online platform #ACAVAathome

New online platform #ACAVAathome

New online platform #ACAVAathome

ACAVA have launched a new online platform #ACAVAathome

#ACAVAathome is a blog where you’ll find content developed by the teams behind Flourish, Artspace Link, Creativity Clinics, the Grenfell Memorial Mosaic and Maxilla Men’s Shed. Look out for regular posts including worksheets, tutorials, ideas, hints and tips for ways to create at home using easily accessible materials.

The blog is organised into three content categories:

• #Flourishathome for family focused content uploaded regularly during school holidays

• #Creativityclinicathome our art for health and wellbeing content uploaded twice a week  

• #Maxillashedathome for news and information about Maxilla Mens Shed

ACAVA would love to hear from you too. You can find ACAVAathome on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, please share photos of your creations and work in progress via your preferred platform. If you have a Tumblr account, you can also use that to message them or comment on posts.

Please remember to tag and use #ACAVAathome along with the relevant content category hashtag, so they can see and share what you’ve created.


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