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A message from our CEO on the discussions at the Main Voluntary Organisation Forum

On Tuesday 26 June we held our Main Voluntary Organisation forum. We had invited lead members from the council to attend to hold a conversation with the voluntary and community sector but unfortunately no lead member was able to attend. However a Labour Councillor did attend.  

The purpose of the meeting was to start talking about what the voluntary sector wants to see happen locally either led by the council or working with the sector. We decided that we would discuss what is important to us right now and why it is important that we are the drivers in framing the conversation with the council.

I started the discussion by reflecting on the future as well as some of the current issues facing the council. You can download my presentation here.

Chairing the meeting it was apparent that one of the most concerning issues was the sense that communication between the council and voluntary sector had become substantially reduced and in particular that there seemed to be a lack of general communication coming from the council with the community as a whole. There was a clear ask that the council improve their communication with the voluntary sector.

I hope that going forward communication will improve and KCSC can continue to be that essential conduit to conversations that need to take place between the voluntary sector and the council.

The write up of what came out of the meeting can be downloaded here.

Best Wishes

Angela Spence 

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