Major Works to begin on Grenfell Tower

Major Works to begin on Grenfell Tower

Major Works to begin on Grenfell Tower

Safety works in Grenfell Tower beginning from 1 September


The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) over the last few months have been engaging the local community on matters relating to the nature and the mechanics of some essential safety works for Grenfell Tower. It is clear that any activity on or around the site stirs up strong emotions and so it is essential that the community is listened to in these matters. MHCLG certainly made efforts to do this over the past few months and this process now is at an end work set to commence in the coming days. 

In a bulletin sent out by MHCLG they said the following: 

"We want to make sure you have received this information, and to reassure you that the Tower is safe. These works will ensure its stability until a decision is made about its future. What will happen? Contractors will install new ‘props’ – aluminium, weight-bearing supports that are commonly used in buildings – to supplement those that were installed shortly after the fire. To do this, heavy and damaged items first need to removed from individual flats. This will begin from 1 September 2020. Shortly afterwards, work will take place to create enough welfare facilities on-site to accommodate and support the increased number of contractors."

One issue bound to cause consternation in the community is the work due to commence in the autumn:

 "... work will begin to remove asbestos from inside the Tower. The removal of items and asbestos will allow for the installation of the new props". 

The leaflet went on to describe the actions undertaken by MHCLG went to ensure the community was informed.

During the period of 3-7th of July:

On the 27 July:

  • Held an online Q&A event was held about the safety works.

MHCLG have promised to publish a video and a write up of this event shortly, which they will share with bereaved, survivor and community groups. They ask that should you wish to receive this information directly then contact them and they will do so (details are below).

The sensitivity of the work was acknowledged:

"We understand that this work is sensitive and we will continue to provide regular updates by email, online and by post as the safety works progress. This will include another online Q&A event in September, and about which we will provide further details shortly."

If you wish to speak to MHCLG before the works start on 1st September then they are available for individual conversations with you or your family, and to answer any questions.


Phone 0303 444 0011

To conclude it was suggested should people need support getting in touch to discuss these matters 

The Dedicated Service and local health services (020 7745 6414 Email: )are aware of these works and they can support you to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Post script... following an email exchange the following came from Cecil Sinclair of MHCLG:

"The video will be hosted on YouTube and I believe the write-up will be hosted on Gov.UK on the Grenfell community updates pages. I’ve included the link to the Gov.UK pages below for reference, though the follow-up from the 27 July event are not available here as yet."



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