The London Recovery Board: call for feedback

The London Recovery Board: call for feedback

The London Recovery Board: call for feedback

The London Recovery Board was established on 4 June 2020; it brings together a wide range of people from various industries and institutions across London with the aim of focussing on how London recovers from the impact of Covid-19.  The Board was established with the purpose of overseeing the work of the London Recovery Task Force. 

Sitting underneath the Task Force are structures set up to ensure that there is a specific focus on both the social and economic recovery of London.

KCSC’s CEO Angela Spence has been invited onto the Recovery Board and as work progresses will seek direct feedback into the London Recovery process. 

The Board has discussed and put together a set of key missions and is now asking for your view on whether the missions are right in terms of priorities for London.

  1. A Strong Civil Society 
  2. A robust safety net, a good standard of living and the tools to thrive 
  3. A new deal for young people 
  4. No one’s health suffers because of who they are, where they live, or if, how and where they work
  5. Skills and Employment 
  6. Green New Deal 
  7. Digital Connectivity and Inclusion 
  8. 15 Minute Cities

To join in the conversation you can sign up to Talk London here.

KCSC will provide further updates on the London Recovery Board in our bulletins.

Minutes of meetings can be found here


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