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KCSC's Self care event success

KCSC runs a Self Care programme to offer Social Prescribing options to patients over 65 years old in the area, working with local organisations.

Voluntary and community organisations provide a range of services that contribute to greater health and wellbeing. These include services that are condition specific, like dementia support, relate to physical health such as exercise programmes and those that deal with aspects of mental health, such as befriending services or information and advice.

On Monday 19 November, KCSC ran a successful event for local General Practitioners, Case Managers and Health and Social Care Assistants (HSCA). This was an occasion for local people prescribing services and referring patients to meet with the local organisations delivering the services.

More than 80 people attended and got a chance to try some of those services themselves. Massages, Breathing exercises, Yoga and other Arts activities were offered to all participants so they could better-understand the type of services they are prescribing.

Armed with this new and updated knowledge of what is available, we hope that local GPs and NHS staff will prescribe more social and wellbeing activities in the community to improve people’s overall health.

Read more information about our Self Care programme and see our Directory of services.



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