KCSC is pleased to welcome Joe Batty as Senior Community Development and Engagement Officer

KCSC is pleased to welcome Joe Batty as Senior Community Development and Engagement Officer.

In this short interview we find out a little about Joe, what he has been up to in the recent past and what the new role will deliver for the Social Council.

Welcome Joe. When did you start this new post?
Hi, I started on the 16th of October, so I am still finding my feet. 

What previous roles have prepared you for this new and challenging role?
Where to begin? I suppose living in social housing all my life and starting work in electrical engineering and becoming redundant three times has given me experiences familiar to many families living in the North Kensington. The last twenty-five years have seen me move away from manufacturing to work with vulnerable adults such as young people leaving care, ex-offenders, managing a drug project in Manchester and working with those living on the streets. During the last decade, I have developed and managed rough sleeper outreach services across the South East of England, including RBKC. This has given me a sound grounding in the voluntary sector and a familiarity with many statutory sectors: police, mental and physical health services and a myriad of council departments. Another  positive experience I bring are the lessons learnt working alongside fellow board members at the leading anti-racism and hate crime charity, Hope not hate. 

The job title is quite long… what will you actually deliver/focus on?
I will be supporting voluntary and community organisations to engage with the community on and around Lancaster West Estate. I hope also be a conduit to influencing decisions by statutory bodies, like the council on behalf of charities and community groups. I know it is a buzzword but…I hope to build resilience in the community. I can access practical support for emerging and existing charities, helping them with building capacity. via KCSC extensive resources ensuring charity compliance, policies and procedures, support in securing funding. I will also assist by helping charities with similar missions work together as well as those with differing goals but with potential to complement each other’s work.

What do you hope to achieve in your first months at KCSC?
In no order, ensure an online service directory is available to all, help ensure community assets remain available for the community such as libraries, housing and our open spaces. I want to understand what residents and survivors want and find ways of delivering it. Running in parallel I want to provide local charities opportunities to rise to the emerging needs and seek out potential partners, avenues to get the right support structures in place and pathways to funding.

Thanks Joe, finally how can people contact you?
 My email address is and the telephone 0207 243 9805