KCSC launches training and development programme for new and emerging CICs in the borough

In response to the growing demand for support in the setting up of social enterprises, KCSC in partnership with Maestro 7, a Creative Management organisation, is delivering a 6-day programme spread over 12 weeks to provide information, advice and support on what it takes to run a successful social enterprise.

Joe Batty - Senior Community Engagement and Development Officer in KCSC states "We are excited about the opportunities opening up for these organisations, some of which have emerged since Grenfell.  We want people who are coming to KCSC for advice to get the support they need but also to have a full understanding of what it takes to run a Community Interest Company, hence our collaboration with Maestro 7. In addition working collaboratively with Kensington College who are providing the space shows what can be done when community is at the heart of what we do". 

Maestro 7 whose ethos is 'Delivering Excellence with Integrity', have themselves gone through the experience of setting up as a social enterprise and are rapidly developing a track record of helping projects to successfully transition into formal structures. Lynda Rosenior-Patten and Patsy Alexander have over 30 years experience of working in the private and voluntary sectors and understand the challenges local groups face. They are committed to enabling local organisations deliver much needed services via sustainable social enterprises that are relevant and fully embedded locally.  

 Angela Spence CEO of KCSC states "This programme shows that there is a real need out there that needs to be met. Whilst I am aware of a difficult funding environment I am also aware that successful social enterprises have the ability to generate their own income, so we want to support this the best way we can".

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