KCSC COVID-19 Update - 18 August 2020

KCSC COVID-19 Update - 18 August 2020

KCSC COVID-19 Update - 18 August 2020

KCSC is sending out weekly bulletins to provide information about the response within RBKC to the Covid-19 outbreak.    

Please let us know if you have any comments, or would like to see any other information.   

Voluntary and Community Sector services in response to Covid-19   

Under-65 food distribution service    

This service, originally set up by KCSC, in partnership with RBKC as part of the Community Resilience Group, is now being managed by the Venture Centre. The service will remain the same and the Venture Centre will continue to be supported by Bay 20 and SMART.  

Applications for the service continue to be made as follows:   

  • By organisations using a standard referral form which is then sent to covid19foodsupport@rbkc.gov.uk.   
  • The form can be completed over the phone, by organisations or individuals calling the Council’s Covid-19 Hub RBKC's Single Point of Access helpline on 020 7361 3000.   
  • Individuals can also access the referral form online via the Council website.   

If you have any queries then please call the Venture Centre on 020 8960 3234.    

65-plus food distribution service     

Age UK K&C, has been providing with many local partners, is leading on providing additional support for people of 65 and older.  However, the service will not be accepting any new referrals, from Monday 22nd June.  Age UK have provided details of alternative sources of support for those in this group.   

KCSC helpline for the Voluntary Sector, agencies and health professionals     

KCSC is running a helpline for use by organisations and professionals wishing to refer or signpost their clients to other services.      

Shopping service   

KCSC is working with voluntary and community sector partners and RBKC to co-ordinate a ‘shopping’ offer for people who are not eligible for food distribution services and can afford shopping, but are unable to do their own shopping due to vulnerability or shielding.

This 'shopping' offer will end on Monday 7 September 2020.

Referrals from residents and professionals will not be accepted after Monday 17 August 2020. 

In the meantime, these are the contact details for the service:

  • If you are a professional call 020 7243 9804 or email the completed referral form to health@kcsc.org.uk to refer someone
  • Or if you are a resident call the Covid Hub Shopping support number on 020 7361 4025

Emergency support for funding applications      

KCSC is offering the following support to any organisation working with residents in Kensington and Chelsea:     

  • Proof-reading grant applications    
  • Advice and guidance on project planning (whether longer-term or short-term in response to COVID-19)    
  • Telephone, video call or email support to structure funding applications    
  • Information, advice and guidance on short/long-term organisational development priority     

Please email support@kcsc.org.uk      

Additional information     

Covid-19 Resources page   

Click here for e-bulletin   



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