KCSC COVID-19 Update

KCSC COVID-19 Update

KCSC COVID-19 Update

KCSC will be sending out weekly bulletins in relation to the borough’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak – and more frequent bulletins should the need arise – to ensure that there is effective communication, shared widely. 

Latest update 

KSCS continues to attend daily virtual meetings  with RBKC Council, NHS, Public Health, Volunteer Centre K&C and other local organisations.   Current discussions centre around delivery of support for the ‘most vulnerable’ residents as per the government’s announcement, and support for other residents who are already, or may become, vulnerable. 

The 65-plus service organised by Age UK has now launched.  The next step is to agree the services that will be available for other vulnerable residents, including food deliveries to those in immediate need.  We hope that information on this will be available very shortly. KCSC has launched a helpline for use by organisations and professionals wishing to refer or signpost their clients to other services.   

65-plus service 

Age UK K&C, with many local partners (as per previous updates), is leading on providing additional support for people of 65 and older.   Free Care packages with food and basic essentials will be delivered to people over 65 who: 

  • Are self-isolating
  • Live alone (or with a partner also over 65 also self-isolating) 
  • Do not have local support networks who can bring food and supplies to them 
  • Have consented to receive the service 

For more information please visit Age UK K&C’s website.  If you wish to refer an Older Person in RBKC who meets the criteria above, please email their contact details to covid19refer@aukc.org.uk

New helpline for the Voluntary Sector, agencies and health professionals 

KCSC have set up a temporary helpline for the Voluntary Sector, other agencies and health professionals to call and ask about the support that is available locally for your clients, service users or patients during the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Go here for more information. 

Information needed from organisations urgently!  - what services are you currently running? 

KCSC is gathering information from organisations about their services that are now in place to support residents and the Covid-19 response, so that enquiries from other organisations, the public and health professionals can be signposted effectively, including from the council’s main helpline.  Please, get in touch to share this information with us if you have not done so already – email support@kcsc.org.uk and we’ll call you back or video call you as soon as we can. 

If we have already collected this information from you then please note that we will be in touch regularly to ensure that it is up-to-date, as we understand that circumstances might change. 

Emergency support for funding applications  

KCSC is offering the following support to any organisation working with residents in Kensington and Chelsea: 

  • Proof-reading grant applications
  • Advice and guidance on project planning (whether longer-term or short-term in response to COVID-19)
  • Telephone, video call or email support to structure funding applications
  • Information, advice and guidance on short/long-term organisational development priority 

Please email support@kcsc.org.uk  

Letter to our local MP’s 

On Sunday 22nd, an urgent communication was sent to Felicity Buchan MP and Greg Hands MP, from local Voluntary Sector membership organisations  - KCSC, Westway Trust and the Volunteer Centre, Kensington and Chelsea.   KCSC received a response from the MP’s on Tuesday 24th ; here is a summary of what they said: 

  • They thanked the voluntary sector for its role and said that its support for the local community is impressive. 
  • The Council is to have a dedicated hub for its response.  It will be physically based at The Curve but in reality it will be a virtual hub.  The Council will be receiving a list from the NHS of all residents who have received 12-week self-isolation letters; they will cross reference this with their lists of those in need of adult social care and will compile a master list of those potentially in need of assistance.  The hub will work with The Community Resilience Forum to contact all those on the list. 
  • In relation to the concerns that were expressed about food supplies, they said that  the Government had announced that it is working in partnership with the groceries industry, local resilience and emergency partners on a new Local Support System to ensure vulnerable people will receive groceries.  The Prime Minster has spoken with the retail industry who continued to assure him that there is more than enough food to go round and that the food supply chain is able to expand production to cope with increased demand.  The Government has relaxed competition law so retailers can work together to keep shops open and stocked.  

Contacts for organisations seeking information about additional services 

Organisations which work with service users aged 65+ should email Jess Millwood at Age UK K&C (jmillwood@aukc.org.uk ) 

Organisations which work with other vulnerable groups should contact joe@kcsc.org.uk in the first instance.  

Offers of volunteering help should be referred to the Volunteer Centre K&C https://www.voluntarywork.org.uk/ 

Appeal for additional staff 

We are aware that some organisations may have staffing resource which could temporarily be made available to other organisations looking at providing additional services. 

If your organisation may be in this position then please contact us as a matter of urgency by emailing joe@kcsc.org.uk

Additional information

- Latest guidelines from Public Health England and NHS England, including guidelines on working in the community and home visits
RBKC dedicated Coronavirus (Covid-19) web portal
Doctors of the World updated Covid-19 Translated Guidance
Easy read information about Coronavirus from the NHS
- Age UK Food Bank Essentials Needed
General information about the condition.

Please sign up here for our weekly Covid-19 bulletins

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