Improving Young Adult Mental Health in North West London

Improving Young Adult Mental Health in North West London

Improving Young Adult Mental Health in North West London

A new model of mental healthcare has been designed for young adults, aged 16-25 years, living in North West London (NWL), as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Some specific features of the model:

  • Dedicated support for young adults moving from Adolescent to Adult Mental Health Services – e.g. peer support and getting-to-know-you sessions with their new clinician.
  • Continued support for young adults who’ve experienced adversities such as youth violence.
  • Young adult focused therapies and service adaptations.
  • In-reach services where young people are present – e.g. universities, colleges or local hubs for those not in employment or higher education.
  • Support both before and after treatment – e.g. active communication whilst on waiting lists.
  • Multi-agency Young Adult Triage and Partnership meetings with clinical assistance for referrers to develop management plans.

The new model is now being set up in each of the NWL boroughs. This has started with the creation of borough-specific 'Young Adult Mental Health Implementation Groups'. These will enable the model to be tailored and embedded locally, with partners, to fit the overall model design whilst working to respond to borough needs.

The first phase of this implementation will look at community assets. This includes plans for a scheme to support voluntary and community sector organisations to help address health inequalities, better-identify unmet needs and improve equality of access to early intervention. There will also be investment in services that support young adults such as at-risk emotional state offers within Early Intervention Services and Community Navigators.

For more information on the new model, click here.

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