HM Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update on the Grenfell Tower site

HM Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update on the Grenfell Tower site

HM Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update on the Grenfell Tower site

Update from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (21 May 2020).

We hope that you are safe and well. Following our last COVID-19 update to you on 30 March, we want to provide you with a further update following the latest guidance from government in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

• We have restarted the work to replace the wrapping around the Tower, while ensuring social distancing remains in place for contractors at the site.
• We will introduce new ways to engage with you such as virtual (online) community events and telephone ’drop-in’ sessions, while social distancing continues.

In addition, you can find out more about the work of the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission, whose work has been continuing.

What work is taking place at the site?
The Grenfell Tower site management team continues to ensure that the Tower is safe and secure and that all those who are working on site can do so safely.

Following the updated COVID-19 pandemic guidance from the government on 11 May, the re-wrapping work on the Tower is now continuing. This work was temporarily paused in response to the previous guidance and resumed the week commencing 18 May. Originally due to be completed in April, the re-wrapping is now expected to be completed in mid-July.

We will also continue to keep vehicle access to the garages at Grenfell Road, Testerton Road and Hurstway Road to a minimum. If you do need access to your garage, we encourage you to do this by foot. The garages outside of the site cordon on Testerton Road and Hurstway Road can also be accessed by foot. If this affects you, please contact the site team (details below).

What is happening with the environmental checks?
We reviewed our plans for Stage 2 of the environmental checks and ministers have agreed we should pause parts of this work to ensure residents continue to be engaged with the testing process. Safety was the main consideration in coming to this decision.

Progress can and is still being made on Stage 2, including plans for a virtual community event, which we expect to take place in late June. At the event you will be able to ask the scientists any questions you have about the environmental checks. Please look out for the invitation, which will be coming soon. If you would like to receive updates on the environmental checks, please contact us using the details below.

How to get more information
We continue to be available to you over the phone and by email (details below) and you will also find information on the digital signs that are located around the Grenfell Tower site.

We want to find new ways to speak with and hear from you, so we will be trialling a telephone ‘drop-in’ on Wednesday mornings. This replaces our regular drop-in sessions at The Curve community centre. The trial will run from Wednesday 27 May until 17 June.

We would also like to hear from you on how you would like us to contact you at this time. Please telephone or email us with your thoughts and ideas.

New telephone ‘drop-in’:
• Wednesdays (27 May–17 June) between 10am–12 noon
Phone 0303 444 9086

How to get in touch or sign up for updates
• For the site management team:
Phone 0303 444 0011
• For the environmental checks team:
Phone 0303 444 9086
• For the latest government information on Coronavirus (COVID-19):
• For the latest information and advice from the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL):
• If you're anxious or need to talk to someone call the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service
Email Phone 020 8637 6279

You can also visit and search for ‘Grenfell Community Updates – HM Government’.

An update about the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission.
The Commission is made up bereaved family members, survivors and residents. It will work with the community to develop ideas for a future memorial. Commission has held three meetings online during the lockdown period.

You can find out more about the Memorial Commission, including the minutes of their meetings, by visiting their website.

• To get in touch with the Memorial Commission’s secretariat, email
or phone 0303 444 4831
• For more information, visit

Coronavirus (COVID-19): an update on the Grenfell Tower site - 21 May 2020




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