HM Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update on the Grenfell Tower site

HM Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update on the Grenfell Tower site

HM Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update on the Grenfell Tower site

Update from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (30th March 2020).

Current events have meant all of us have had to make unprecedented changes to our lifestyles and routine. The government is working to fight coronavirus, protect the NHS and save lives. Your health and wellbeing are our priority.

As a result:
• The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government are continuing work required to keep the Grenfell Tower site safe and secure, but are making some changes to reduce those working on-site from coming into contact with each other.
• They are available, by phone and email, to discuss any questions you might have about the Grenfell Tower site, the environmental checks work or the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission.  Face-to-face contact with the community is temporarily paused and will resume as soon as the government’s measures to stay at home and away from others are no longer in place.

What work is taking place at the site?
The Grenfell Tower site management team oversees the security, health and safety works. From February, this included replacing the wrapping on the Tower, which was originally due to be completed in April. In response to government advice on the Covid-19 pandemic, the re-wrapping of the Tower has been paused to avoid staff going on-site or using public transport. The re-wrapping progressed well in March, and the remaining ‘older’ wrapping on the lower floors is in good condition. We do not believe pausing the re-wrapping is a cause for concern, but the team is happy to take any questions you might have. Garage access from Grenfell Road, Testerton Road and Hurstway Road will be restricted for vehicles until further notice. Garages outside of the site cordon on Testerton Road and Hurstway Road can still be accessed by foot. If this restriction affects you, the site team can provide more information. All other safety and security arrangements for the site remain unchanged.

What is happening with the environmental checks?
The environmental checks are a two-stage programme, to investigate possible land contamination around the Grenfell Tower site and any potential risk to public health. Stage 1 found that the levels of chemicals in the soil were consistent with those generally found in London.
To help reduce uncertainty about the health risks, Stage 2 will involve more detailed testing and AECOM, an independent environmental specialist company, is being appointed to undertake this work. Air quality monitoring has also been in place since June 2017 and has not identified any cause for concern. We are now reviewing our plans for Stage 2 to see when and how this work can continue safely and how residents can be involved, in response to the latest government advice on Covid-19.

How to get more information
The team responsible for the Grenfell Tower site and environmental checks had been holding sessions at The Curve community centre every Wednesday from 10am–2pm. The sessions taking place in person have been paused in accordance with government advice to stay at home and away from others, but the team continue to be available to you over the phone and by email. Digital signs were installed around the Grenfell Tower site on 17 February and will continue to be updated with relevant information. Please send feedback to help make the signs as useful as possible.

How to get in touch or sign up for updates
• For the site management team: Email or phone 0303 444 0011
• For the environmental checks team: Email environmental- or phone 0303 444 9086
• For the latest government information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) go to
• For the latest information and advice from the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) go to

•If you're anxious or need to talk to someone call the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service on 020 8637 6279 or email
•If you have a CNWL appointment and would prefer to do this by phone, call 020 8637 6279
•You can also visit and search for ‘Grenfell Community Updates – HM Government’. The team will let you know when the drop-in sessions start again.

An update about the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission

The Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission is made up of bereaved family members, survivors and residents. It will work with the community to develop ideas for a future memorial. The community representatives have selected two independent co-chairs, Thelma Stober and Michael Lockwood, and they were announced in February. The Commission ran a series of community events in February and its work will continue during this challenging period. Please see the Commission’s website for more information.

• To get in touch with the Memorial Commission’s secretariat, email or phone 0303 444 4831
• For more information, visit
• To receive updates on the Commission’s work, sign up to the mailing list on the ‘contact’ page

Coronavirus (COVID-19): an update on the Grenfell Tower site - 30 March 2020 pdf


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