Grenfell Voluntary Sector Service Directory

The online edition of the Grenfell Voluntary Sector Service Directory is now available.

How to use the online directory

  • Search by organisation: enter the name of an organisation to see which services they provide. If you are unsure about the organisation's name you can use % as wildcard, e.g. typing in  %age% will return all organisations with 'age' in their names, such as Age UK and Open Age. 
  • Search by Postcode: you can search using partial (e.g. W11) or full postcodes (W11 1QT).
  • Search by Location where the service is available, choosing from the drop down menu.
  • Search by name of the service provided: as with organisations names, you can use %: e.g. %counselling% will return services with counselling in their name.
  • Search by activities: choose from the drop down menu.
  • If you want to have a list of all the services available, simply click on Search without typing any search criteria. 

We are continuously working to keep the list up to date and to make sure any mistakes are fixed as soon as possible. Please contact KCSC at the email address below to report any issues with the list. 

If you want to be added to the directory or if you need to update your data, please fill in this form and send it back to us via email at 

All organisations must be established and have policies and procedures in place including health and safety, safeguarding and data protection.

The online directory is available by clicking on the button below:




You can also download the PDF file of the fourth edition (dated September 18, 2017) of the Grenfell Voluntary Sector Service Directory by clicking here.

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