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Grenfell Tower Fund: Listening Project update

The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation set up our Grenfell Tower Fund Appeal on 14 June 2017 and have raised £6.8 million with more than £5 million already distributed, with most going to the survivors and the bereaved.
Their appeal was set up to help those directly affected and the wider community. There is now a huge task ahead to re-build the fabric of North Kensington. As a local charity, they are committed to being part of this task and to stand by those affected and to work with the local community to identify and invest in projects which will help and support local people over the next three years.
Over the past few months, they have invited people to tell them what they feel the current and evolving needs are. The foundation listened to more than 100 individuals across North Kensington including people from the voluntary sector, community groups, faith groups, residents’ associations, schools and new groups which have arisen out of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, so that they have a pulse on the way people are thinking and feeling. 
Between now and the end of July (when they will issue a further update), they are committed to using what we have heard from local people and organisations to develop guiding principles and processes so that with community buy-in and support, they are able to identify and invest in projects over the next 3 years which provide hope, opportunities or healing for the community of North Kensington. 
For more information, please click here or see the full document

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