Grenfell Environmental Checks report on Stage 2

Grenfell Environmental Checks report on Stage 2

Grenfell Environmental Checks report on Stage 2

AECOM has undertaken Stage 2 of the soil investigation into potential land contamination caused by the Grenfell Tower fire. This work has been undertaken during the period May 2020 to March 2021.

The results are taken from the Summary by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG):

  • Testing of the soil as well as fruit and vegetables grown around Grenfell tower has found no evidence of harmful contamination due to the fire

  • In Treadgold House and Avondale Park Gardens, some soil samples showed higher lead levels than the rest but there was too much variability in the small number of samples taken to be certain of our findings.

  • The high results found in these locations could be due to the past industrial use of the land. Further sampling in these two areas will be carried out as well as checks to determine how the land is used so we can assess the level of any risk posed by the lead levels.

  • Apart from the higher lead levels in those two areas, the levels of all potential harmful chemicals in the soil were within the range of typical urban areas.

This is the link to the summary proper.

This link covers less technical issues.

And finally, this is the whole document.



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