Grenfell Anniversary

This week sees the anniversary of an event which should never have happened.  Our hearts and our thoughts go out to the families and friends of those that perished in the fire. This week will make it no easier for them but hopefully there will be some comfort in knowing that the community is standing with them

As a small local charity, KCSC takes pride in being a part of the community of Kensington and Chelsea. The outpouring of grief, anger and frustration has become a normal part of daily existence and a part of our lives working in KCSC, but we are also seeing a renewed energy and a strong sense that the community will come through and will emerge much stronger and far more in control of what happens in their local area.

KCSC has learnt a lot since 2017 about what it means to be part of a community.  Standing on the side lines watching is not something to be tolerated or making excuses for why things need to stay the same.  We know that the community in North Kensington has changed and we cannot close our eyes to that change. 

Since June last year we have seen more residents taking the steps they need to respond to the change.  KCSC has seen this evolve over the past year and is working with partners to provide additional support.  We know that what can emerge out of tragedy are powerful and emotional responses and that this can take the form of new and emerging services delivered by those affected and who want be a part of the solution.  We wish them all the success. 

We also know and have witnessed how hard local voluntary and community organisations continue to work to respond within a really challenging environment - the energy, resources and commitment required to ensure that residents get the support they need.  We have a vibrant sector and we strongly want it to remain so.

We have no doubt that 2018 will be no less challenging as the community continues to fight for its voice to be heard and justice to be sought.  What we hope is that we can all work together to do what is required of us even if this sometimes it may be difficult because of differing opinions or priorities.

Our thoughts are with you all this week.

Angela Spence