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Government Committee report states what needs to happen to improve fire safety after the Grenfell Tower fire

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee, consisting of 11 MPs from different political parties, has heard from a range of people and has recommended four key actions that the Government must now take.

It stated in a press release that the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 demonstrated the need for an urgent and comprehensive review of building regulations.

Following the fire, the Government launched an Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety to urgently assess the effectiveness of current building regulations and fire safety and provide reassurance to residents.

The Independent Review published its Final Report, 'Building a Safer Future' in May 2018. 

After consultation from industry representatives, fire safety experts, building owners and insurers, and Grenfell campaigners, on the report, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee stated that "4 things (...) need to happen to improve fire safety"

  1. Combustible cladding should be banned on existing high-rise residential buildings - not just new ones
  2. Sprinklers need to be retrofitted to all high-rise residential buildings, where structurally feasible
  3. Conflicts of interest in the construction industry - such as companies arranging their own inspections - need to be removed
  4. The Government should introduce a loan scheme to help remove combustible cladding from private buildings

The Government has two months to respond to the MPs report. To read more depth and detail about their recommendations, read the report on Independent review of building regulations and fire safety: next steps [PDF] or see more on their website.