Get trained as a Digital Health Champion

Get trained as a Digital Health Champion

Get trained as a Digital Health Champion

Giving a little help with digital skills can make a BIG difference.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people don’t have essential digital skills for everyday life? And that the most frequent users of health and social care are the least likely to be online?

With good digital skills people can look after their health and wellbeing and support others they care for. It means they can do things like:

  • access health services quickly and easily.
  • find vital information and support.
  • be more connected to their friends and family.

North West London Integrated Care System is looking to recruit champions across North West London. There is a new programme just starting called BPM@Home (Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home). High blood pressure (BP) is a real killer. With people more reluctant to visit a GP surgery asking them to take their own readings and send them into the practice has been proved to greatly reduce the chances of having a heart attack or a stroke.

We can find the patients who need the service the most. Some will already have a BP machine. Others can buy one for the rest we have BP monitors we can give them.

Once a patient has received their machine some will need a helping hand to take their blood pressure, to record the readings and then send them to the practice. That’s where Digital Health Champions come in. They will show people how to use online patient tools, and crucially help them feel independent and in control.

You can be a Digital Health Champion for just a few hours a week or make it part of other work that you do. In return you’ll get:

  • The opportunity to develop skills and knowledge about digital technology
  • It’s a great statement to put on a CV
  • Build confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Free accredited e-learning on helping others with essential digital skills and digital health
  • Rewards and awards! A Certificate and an online Open Badge for each Digital Champion course completed
  • Support from mentors and fellow Champions and hundreds of how-to digital guides to use and share
  • Immense satisfaction that you’ve made a huge difference to someone else.

Become a Digital Health Champion today!

Find out more by emailing Richard Rosen, Digital Champions Lead for North West London CCG, at

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