Doctors of the World updated Covid-19 Translated Guidance

Doctors of the World updated Covid-19 Translated Guidance

Doctors of the World updated Covid-19 Translated Guidance

Due to the changes made to the NHS advice regarding COVID19 on Monday afternoon, Doctors of the World, in association with UK Red Cross and Clear Voice have produced translations of Government advice and information on COVID-19 in a range of languages.

English, Albanian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkishare now ready -

To be updated very soon: Bengali, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Kurdish Sorani, Mandarin, Pashto, Urdu, Vietnamese, Tigrinya, Amharic, Malayalam, Somali

They have also added more European languages: Polish, Romanian, Russian are ready. Coming soon: Bulgarian, Latvian, and Hungarian!

The guidance is based on the NHS and the UK government’s updated advice and health information, and we have produced translated versions thanks to the support and assistance of the British Red Cross, Migrant Help, Clear Voice, and the Eastern European Resource Centre. We really hope it will help to ensure this important guidance reaches migrant and asylum-seeking communities in the UK.

This information if intended for all communities who would like this crucial information in their own language. 

Doctors of the World will try to keep these updated as the current advice changes. They would very much welcome offers of help form qualified translators.

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