Council launches a new Panel in response to the commitment to bring about change in how it makes decisions and involves local people

A new Panel has been set up to conduct the Governance Review which will also provide residents with the opportunity to engage in discussions and share their own views on what the council can and should do to improve local decision making processes.  

Local Government can take the form of different political structures such as a Mayor elected by residents (the current system within the London Borough of Hackney) through to a Leadership and Cabinet structure (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea).  There is also the committee system (Brighton and Hove).  These various political structures will be looked at in detail and residents can play an active part in influencing the debate.

KCSC would encourage voluntary and community organisations to get involved by promoting the review and speaking to their clients about the value of feeding into this process. Dates of the meetings are published here and we will continue to update on outcomes of the meetings as they progress.

Remember the Localism Act!
In 2011 the Localism Act was passed, designed to devolve power from Central Government to Local Government, this should also mean that at the local level, resident should feel more in control in understanding how local decisions are made and ways they can influence.

Back in 2011, KCSC wrote a series of policy briefings about the Localism Bill one of which can be downloaded here.  Understanding the Powers of Local Authority and where we can influence will be an important part of the Governance Review and the Localism Act should feed into the process.

The Centre for Public Scrutiny has written a useful document called Rethinking Governance although aimed at councils written in 2014, is is helpful in understanding the various options open to the council.

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