Consultation deadline for Grenfell Inquiry extended

It has been confirmed that consultation period for the Inquiry’s terms of reference has been extended.

Following discussions with a range of interested parties, in particular survivors of the fire and other residents of the Lancaster West Estate, it has become clear that there is a broad consensus that people need more time to respond to the Inquiry’s consultation on its terms of reference.

As a result, the consultation period is being extended by two weeks until Friday 4 August.

This will provide additional time for people to respond meaningfully and ensuring the Inquiry’s work, which cannot begin without terms of reference, can progress quickly.

Details of meetings open to survivors and local residents, to discuss the terms of reference, will be announced shortly.

Further details of the team who will be leading the Public Inquiry into Grenfell Tower have also been announced.

The Inquiry is chaired by Sir Martin Moore-Bick, and will be supported by a team of lawyers, and civil servants drawn from a range of Government Departments.

Richard Millett QC has been appointed as Counsel to the Inquiry. He has extensive experience of handling complex commercial disputes in a range of specialist areas, with an emphasis on advocacy in court, arbitration and other tribunals. He also sits as a Deputy High Court Judge. The role of Counsel to the Inquiry takes various forms, including presenting evidence and questioning witnesses at hearings. Counsel will also provide legal advice to the Chairman and advise on evidential matters during the course of the Inquiry.

Further information on how to respond can be found here


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