Community Resilience Group - Update 25 February 2021

Community Resilience Group - Update 25 February 2021

Community Resilience Group - Update 25 February 2021

KCSC has been a part of the Community Resilience Group (CRG) since its formation at the start of the pandemic in 2020.  The group was set up to support the emergency response for the borough.

Update - from 25 February 2021

7-Day Case Rates

7-day case rates continue to go down- 

  • 85.2 per 100,000 in RBKC (134 cases in last 7 days) 
  • 54.3 in Westminster (142 cases) 

Average is about 20 cases per day or lower. 

Similar picture across London. Case rates continue to decline in all boroughs, except for City of London. Highest rates in Hounslow (156.2 per 100,000) 

60+ Case Rates

60+ case rates per 100,000 also declining- 

  • 48.3 in RBKC 
  • 59.2 in Westminster          

Both below London average 

Almost 50% decrease in this age group for both boroughs. 

Positivity Rates

The current rate of ‘positive’ tests continue to come down as well.  

  • 5% in RBKC 
  • 4.1% in Westminster 

Both equal to, or below 5%, which is good. 


Testing rates

  • 297.2 in RBKC 
  • 235.3 in Westminster 

 Both boroughs below London & England average 


  • All 70+ have been offered the first dose 
  • Those who are 65 plus and also those who are CEV, or ‘eligible’ frontline or social care workers can now book their vaccine appointment online, or by calling 119, even without the letter. 
  • If any VCS, youth or faith organisations are able to demonstrate that their employees or volunteers are providing care (not support) for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable, then they will be considered as ‘eligible’ key & frontline workers to be prioritised for vaccines. If that’s the case, they need to contact their link in the council, who would arrange a discussion based on the needs and make a decision. Public Health has clarified that organisations can be informally contacted if they are considered to have key frontline workers, and those organisations should in turn speak to their council contact.  Whilst there are some inconsistencies across Boroughs, there is a clear steer across Westminster and RBKC to align with JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations) guidelines in all cases. 

 Food support

  • Seeing slight increase in numbers of people using food providers. 
  • Work is being done by the Council to look at what is behind food insecurity, increasing poverty rates, greater increase in UC claimants compared with other London boroughs. 

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