Community Resilience Group - Update

Community Resilience Group - Update

Community Resilience Group - Update

KCSC has been a part of the Community Resilience Group (CRG) since its formation at the start of the pandemic in 2020.  The group was set up to support the emergency response for the borough.

Update - week comencing 18 January 2021

Public Health update

  • Infection rates decreased in both RBKC and WCC in last few days, in line with the rates in England
  • Gap with the London average has narrowed
  • Significant variation across London, still seeing the highest rates in North East London 
  • More work to be done to ensure meaningful engagement in working with BAME communities on the vaccine

Digital Inclusion workstream

  • High speed and low-cost fibre connectivity is being installed by two different providers, for all RBKC housing stock. They aim to finish within a year
  •  There has been a delay in the National Grid for Learning provision of low cost devices until May 

Food support

  • The take up of the VCS shopping offer is relatively small and mostly used by self-isolating and digitally excluded residents in lockdown and those without support outside of lockdown. Residents are directed via the hub to the shopping service.
  • There continues to be an increase in demand from residents for food from food providers (food banks, hot meals, food parcels etc). RBKC is hosting weekly meetings with the 23 providers across the borough. 

Future of the Group

  • Conversations are taking place to look at the future shape of the Group with a view to consulting with the wider voluntary and community sector on how we can continue to work together to tackle Covid 19 and future challenges

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