Change for Children report and film launch

A new report, ‘Change for Children – a study of local families in Kensington and Chelsea’ has highlighted the difficult choices facing some parents as benefit cuts begin to bite.

Change for Children was an 18 month study into the lives of families in some of the less well off parts of Kensington and Chelsea. It found evidence that many parents

  • have sacrificed their own meals to ensure their children can eat
  • have cut back on pocket money and spending on clothes and activities for their children
  • struggle to afford the childcare that would enable jobless parents to go out to work

The report was launched at ‘A Year of Change’, Kensington & Chelsea Social Council’s Conference & AGM on 13 November. It calls on local decision makers to work alongside local voluntary sector agencies to improve support for hard hit families.

Mary Gardiner, Chief Executive of the Social Council said,

“the report highlights some of the stark choices struggling families have to make every day. Their reality is often hidden by the wealth and prosperity that exists in Kensington and Chelsea and that’s why we wanted to tell their stories and why we want to work with the council to provide better support.”

The parents we surveyed overwhelmingly stated the hapiness of their children as the main factor in their own hapiness, however a third also expressed worries about financial security.

Amongst the reports recommendations are:

  • The reintroduction of the school uniform grant
  • Free school meals for all children regardless of income
  • Flexible childcare provision that supports parents who want to get back into work

Change for Children Film

The report launch was accompanied by the release of a brand new short film made by local film makers Patricia Emery and Rob Nixon. The film hears from some of the local organisations that support families in Kensington and Chelsea and features some of the local parents who contributed to the project.

You can watch 'Change for Children - a study of local families in Kensington and Chelsea' here.

Download the report - Change for Children - A study of local families in Kensington and Chelsea (PDF 1.8mb)

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