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CARE Campus partners with KCSC to co-design an free online course for Carers

All over Europe, the elderly population is dramatically increasing with growing needs that are more and more complex. In the UK as in the rest of Europe, there is a gap between the available supply of elderly caregiving support and the exploding need. Carers and in particular unpaid carers are often replied upon to fill this gap.  This is compounded with the fact that more than half of older adults have three or more chronic conditions.

Funded by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), CARE Campus is a Health consortium of academic institutions and industry partners aiming at developing a new e-based training programme to provide quality education for carers, supporting the needs of elderly citizens across Europe.

CARE Campus is building a community across Europe to equip care givers – family, friends and professionals – with knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care to meet the needs which matter most to older people. The new online course will contain modules on personalised care training, age-related diseases, prevention and promotion, and emerging new technologies complete with online media resources, open access journals, and partnerships with NGOs in key cities across Europe.



Conscious of the need for Carers feedback and knowledge required to build such a course, Imperial College has partnered with the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council and Carers Network to create a local Steering group composed of key stakeholders – from public, private, voluntary and university sectors –  to inform the process.

KCSC is still recruiting Carers and Patient for the Steering group.
See Terms of Reference here.

If you are interested and want to help co-design this new online course and contribute to testing the programme, please contact Sylvia at sylvia@kcsc.org.uk. The next Steering group will meet in May, dates and further information will be circulated.

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