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The 4 June Main Voluntary Organisation Forum asks Where does the Voluntary and Community Sector fit in with local strategies?

The local voluntary and community sector has long since been a staple part of the community, delivering a wide range of services mainly within the preventative field that seeks to improve the social and economic wellbeing of residents.  

Whilst KCSC recognise the challenges that face residents requires a sector that is responsive to those challenges and is able to continuously adapt to changing needs, we also advocate that a strong and stable sector is what's required.

What services are delivered and how is a matter for how inclusive our practices are in having local voices around the table to both design and deliver local services.  The voluntary and community sector cannot do this alone and we need to be working with statutory services to advocate for more inclusive practices when it comes to designing services but also that we are an essential part of the solutions because we are local.  What we have in terms of knowledge and know-how is at our fingertips but that does not mean we become complacent, rather it means how can we as local organisations continue to work together to keep asking ourselves how do we continue to meet the challenges ahead that face our local population

The Council Plan sets out the Council’s key priorities over the next four years.  The Grenfell Recovery Strategy also sets out the Council’s commitments to a community-led recovery. 

On 4 June, the Voluntary and Community sector will have the opportunity to find out more about the implementation of both plans and to discuss where we fit in over the coming years.  Local Officers and we hope the new lead member for Communities will be in attendance.
To prepare for the meeting please read The Council Plan summary and the Grenfell Recovery Plan and come prepared to discuss on matters such as:

  • Where does your service fit in meeting the needs of residents over the next 4 years?
  • Do you see challenges ahead that should be being addressed now?
  • What would you be advising the council about the delivery of its local strategies?

To book to attend the Main Voluntary Organisation on 4 June please click here.

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