‘Homes4Health’ Scheme

‘Homes4Health’ Scheme

‘Homes4Health’ Scheme

The Council’s Homes4Health fuel poverty programme provides free home energy advice and a support package to vulnerable residents in Kensington and Chelsea to stay comfortable in their homes affordably, improve the energy efficiency of their house and their health, save money on their energy bills and to keep warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Do you know someone who is struggling with their energy bills and could benefit from the scheme?

The service is available for:

  • Residents, who are over 65, or
  • Residents, who are on a low income, or
  • Residents, who have a long-term health condition or disability.

If you or anyone in your organisation/community is interested in learning more about the Council’s Homes4Health fuel poverty programme, they are currently offering Online Coaching Sessions as part of team meetings and get-togethers and are happy to tailor the training to group needs.

The Council is working together with independent trained energy advisors, called Green Doctors, who are part of the community charity Groundwork London. Carolina Castilla is a Senior Outreach Officer for the Green Doctors and runs training and activity sessions across London for front-line staff and residents. She is happy to join group meetings as a guest speaker, explaining about the programme and its benefits, and offering 1-2-1 advice sessions.

To refer a resident, please call freephone number 0300 365 3005 or fill in the online form at https://groundwork.secure.force.com/enquiry/. Appointments can be provided with sign language interpretation, via video call and/or language interpretation for non-English speakers.

Further information about the Green Doctors’ scheme can be found on the leaflets below:
Homes4Health Telephone Consultation
Frontline Staff - Covid-19 Green Doctor Response



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