£4.44 million in total now paid out to Grenfell Tower victims

The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation announced that as of today, £4.44 million has been paid out to help the survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and to the next of kin of those who lost their lives. 

£1.52 million will be paid to survivors through a joint initiative with the British Red Cross: households from Grenfell Tower will receive further grants of £15,000 and those from Grenfell Walk will receive £8,000.  The K&C Foundation is providing £1.52 million towards these payments and the British Red Cross, working with the London Emergencies Trust will provide £773,000. This collaborative working is in response to listening to Grenfell United, the survivors’ group, who asked grants made from public donations to be easy to understand and simple to access. The payments will be made by Rugby Portobello Trust, a trusted local organisation.
The grants are to help survivors on their journey to rebuild their lives and reflect their ongoing struggles as a result of the fire. This funding is in addition to the £1.6 million which the Foundation paid out through Rugby Portobello Trust in August to provide ‘Fresh Start’ grants of £10,000 to households from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk.

The Foundation also paid out £1.2 million from the Grenfell Tower Fund in June to a joint charity initiative with the British Red Cross, London Community Foundation/Evening Standard to enable the London Emergencies Trust to provide funds to the next of kin of people who lost their lives or who were hospitalised.
An initial £120,000 was made available within days of the tragedy to six organisations working on the frontline.  This money was paid out for immediate needs to people from Grenfell Tower who had lost their homes or those in the wider area who had been displaced. 
The remaining funds, currently £1.56 million, will be used for the needs of ex-Grenfell Tower residents and the community. 

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