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K&C ward outlineKensington and Chelsea is a borough of startling contrasts where extremes of affluence and deprivation sit side by side. The maps listed on this page are intended to provide an insight into different aspects of local life across the borough and show how different areas compare.
 Data can be viewed by subject or a summary of information can be viewed for each ward.

Additional facts and figures

Health Profiles for Kensington & Chelsea

Interactive data for Kensington and Chelsea from Public Health England.

Megacity London: ever growing, ever more unequal?

Highlighting demographic change in London over the last ten years. This research illustrates the growth of extremes of poverty and wealth that have taken place over this time.

Census 2011: Children and Young People

Slides highlighting the some key Census data for Kensington and Chelsea at local authority level. This was presented at the Children, Young People and Families VOF in January 2013.