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Fri 21/07/2017

London Poverty Profile produced by Trust for London has recently conducted an new analysis of poverty in Kensington and Chelsea.  Key headlines reveal that particularly in the north of the borough there are above average poverty and child poverty rates.

Fri 12/05/2017

Following up on our roundtable event on food poverty, we have recently been contacted by the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN).

Wed 29/03/2017

On 28 February 2017, KCSC held a roundtable event on food poverty.  Read the highlights from the discussions where a total of 31 people participated.    

Key points

Fri 17/03/2017

New research from Loughborough University shows that 41% of Londoners have less income than they need for what the public regard as a decent standard of living – that is one that allows them to meet their basic needs and participate in society at a minimum level. This is significantly higher than the 30% that fall below the standard in the UK as a whole.

Fri 28/10/2016

To supprt our research on food poverty in Kensington and Chelsea we were fortunate to be able to employ Jamie Hamilton on a four month paid internship, funded through a grant from Dalgarno City Living Local Life.

Thu 29/09/2016

Earlier this month the Joseph Rowntree Foundation launched their comprehemsive strategy to solve poverty in the UK. 

It is the result of a four year project and makes recommendations for "greater corporate responsibility with an active, enabling state, promoting individual capacity and capability."

Visit the JRF website to read the strategy and project report