Cooking Up Ideas - Report Launch

Cooking Up Ideas - Report Launch

Over fifty people attended the launch of Cooking Up Ideas: Addressing the challenges of food poverty in Kensington and Chelsea on Wednesday 19 October.

In addition to hearing from local organisations Dalgarno Trust, Dads House and Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea (ADKC) who all participated in the research, the launch event was privileged to welcome two guest speakers who have carried out research on foodbanks.

Dr Rachel Loopstra, University of Oxford, presented on the trends in food bank use based on data from the Trussell Trust. She drew a firm conclusion that benefit sanctions in the UK were a key factor in the explosion of food bank use in the previous two years.

Dr Rebecca O’Connell, University College London, explained how nutritious food has become more expensive and she highlighted the experiences of many who struggle to afford enough to eat with an emphasis on young people.

A panel discussion which also featured Cllr Robert Freeman took questions from the floor with many contributions asking how do we support emergency food provision whilst recognising it is not the long term answer to food poverty.
In summing up, report author Amina Khatun reiterated the report’s recommendations that greater monitoring of the numbers requiring food aid was needed to appreciate the true scale of the issue and she called on the council to take a lead in tackling in work poverty by implementing the London Living Wage. Jamie Renton from ADKC supported the call for setting up of a low cost store as have proved successful in other areas.