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What is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing works alongside and supports traditional medical interventions by linking people up to voluntary and community groups and other non-clinical services. Social prescribing is a way to help people make positive changes in their lives by giving them the knowledge, skills and the confidence to do so.

What is Self-Care? 

Self-Care is the actions that people take to maintain and improve their own health and wellbeing.

KCSC support the voluntary and community sector to provide Self-Care/Social Prescribing services to the community by advocating for funding and managing contracts. 

Check current funding opportunities here.

KCSC currently manages two Social Prescribing schemes and a Directory:

My Care My Way (Integrated Care)

My Care My Way (MCMW) is a programme for anyone aged 65 and over registered with a GP in Kensington & Chelsea, Queens Park or Paddington. The aim of the service is to keep people well.

Community Living Well

Community Living Well is a programme for people aged 16 and over who need support with their mental health. It is for people registered with a GP in Kensington & Chelsea, Queens Park or Paddington.

Social Prescribing (Self-Care) Directory

The Social Prescribing (Self-Care) directory has a list of all the services in the local community that you can access to take care of your health and wellbeing.