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Call companions is a free service for anyone over-75 who lives alone and feels they could do with a friendly phone call every week or two. What’s great is that the same person calls every time so, gradually, you get to know one another. Whatever you chat about, it helps lifts your spirits. Makes you feel whole again and more connected to the world.

Tel: 020 3865 3382

Everyone should have the chance to make new friends.
Our group and one-to-one activities will help you expand your social circle in a friendly, safe environment.

Tea parties
Our tea parties are free monthly social groups open to people aged 75 and over. They are a chance for a change of scenery and regular afternoons of conversation and laughter with friends of all ages. You will even be taken there and home again so don’t need to worry about organising travel.

Call companions
Would you like a regular friendly chat over the phone with your very own call companion?
Call companions is available to anyone aged 75 and over who would benefit from a regular chat over the phone with a friendly volunteer.

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