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Weekly Shared Reading groups for people who are looking for a place to make meaningful connections within themselves and with other people in their community. We read great stories and poems aloud in the groups each week, using the literature as a starting point to help us discover what is common and unique about our thoughts and feelings. Group members are invited to read aloud, join in the conversation or sit back and relax while listening to the story—this is a non-pressure environment where everyone is welcome.
These groups run in partnership with libraries, community centres, hospitals, and day centres across Kensington and Chelsea. Please contact us to find a group near you.

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Tel: 0748 397 2020

The Reader runs weekly groups where we bring people together to read novels, short stories, plays and poems, creating a space for people to be together, share thoughts and have personal reflections. Trained Reader Leaders read the stories aloud to the group each week and all our sessions are free to attend, so everyone--no matter their background or ability--can join in. Group members are welcome to read aloud, join the discussions or sit back and enjoy a good story. Shared Reading is about making personal connection – what the literature makes us feel, the meaning it holds for each of us, and the shared experiences we discover through discussions.
The Reader has been running Shared Reading groups in Kensington & Chelsea since 2010. We run groups across the borough each week in libraries, community centres, hospitals, and day centres. Please contact us for a list of our weekly groups.

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