Service Activities:

Helping vulnerable older people make their homes safer by tactfully helping de-clutter.
**Referrals made via SystmOne MCMW**

W10 6TT

1. To provide the highest quality health & wellbeing services available to private, commercial & NHS clients.
2. Promote positive health and general wellbeing, with a focus on public health outcomes, mental health and wellbeing, safe and effect clinical trials and healthy ageing..
3. To increase access to appropriate information for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and of general wellbeing, including positive mental health. Through proactive networking, to signpost patients and clients to evidence based sources of best practice and advice.
4. Ensure all staff have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently. Our aim is to incorporate our 6 core values (care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment) across all aspects of our work – from office support through to service delivery with patients and clients.
5. To support the recruitment of clients to clinical trails through the provision of a safe and effective home visiting service, reducing the burden on the client to attend frequent hospital/trial centre appointments.
6. To provide vetted volunteer ‘companions’ who offer a befriending and social service, with weekly visits to support home care clients with their hobbies, getting out and about or simply having a chat over a cup of tea , reducing social isolation and promoting positive mental wellbeing.
7. The provision of personal care for people who are unable to provide it for themselves, because of old age, illness or disability, and which is provided to them in the place where those people are living at the time when the care is required.
8. To provide a safe, quality driven nurse led domiciliary care service to clients where their care needs are respected and that the clients are fully involved in the delivery of their own personal care
9. To provide nursing interventions & diagnosis for the purpose of maintaining the health and wellbeing of persons being cared for within their own home, such as the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, administration of medications (including intravenous medications), etc. so as to maintain the persons best potential health and wellbeing, prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and facilitate early discharge from hospital where nursing care may be required.

Delivered by: MSH at Home CIC
Contact Person: De-Cluttering - MSH
Where we work: QPP and Kensington