Service Activities:

Escorted Shopper Service on a minibus provided for elderly and disabled residents of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. Shopper Timetable:
MONDAY: NORTH Waitrose, Kensington High St
NORTH Sainsburys, Ladbroke Grove
TUESDAY: SOUTH Sainsburys, Cromwell Road
WEDNESDAY: NORTH Sainsburys, Ladbroke Grove
FRIDAY: NORTH Tesco, Brook Green

W10 5YG
Tel: 020 8960 9020

Adding value, bringing choice.

We provide a range of low-cost, professional, user-friendly and flexible Community Transport Services to a variety of users, both groups and individuals, meeting their transport needs sensitively and professionally.

In everything we do we commit to being reliable, respectful, fair, ethical and sustainable.
We believe providing transport and training services are a means to a broader aim: harnessing community resources, meeting individual needs and creating social opportunities. Increasing disadvantaged people's independence, enriching their lives and improving their participation in society; by providing access to essential services, while being sensitive and helpful in meeting their transport needs.

We aim to keep services as affordable as possible for people with the least means. We offer quality and value for money; as services are delivered to a high standard in the most cost efficient way. We are user led and we have an innovative and approachable team that are always open to new ideas.

Firmly identified as a Social Enterprise we demonstrate, while delivering our core aims, that we stimulate the local economy and generate local employment opportunities. We offer people the chance, through volunteering and training, to improve their employment prospects, advance within their current employment and obtain useful life skills and vocational training.

Delivered by: Westway CT
Contact Person: Westway CT Shopper Services
Where we work: K&C and Westminster