National Lottery Community Fund - Emerging Futures Fund

Thursday, 25 June 2020 - 5:00pm

Grants of between £20,000 and £50,000 are available  to help communities across the UK move towards recovery and renewal after the impact of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fund aims to give communities and civil society organisations ‘the space, resource and additional expertise to step back [from COVID-19] and ask questions, imagine alternatives and gather to shape the emerging future’.

Eligible Expenditure

The funding is to be used for communities to explore the following questions and then help shape what should be done next to support communities:

  • What they want to keep doing because it is been working well.
  • What they want to leave behind as they start thinking about moving into recovery and renewal.
  • Any new ideas that will help when it comes to rebuilding and renewal.

The funding is for three different types of work (full details of each strand can be found on the NLCF website):

  • Exploring new narratives, perspectives and community storytelling. The funding is for projects that can create narratives that:
    • Look at the stories emerging from them pandemic, to find out who, or what, needs to be focussed on more.
    • Explore new kinds of relationships that have formed in response to COVID-19.
    • Show what is most important to communities.
    • Help inspire community togetherness after the pandemic.
    • Show where new kinds of infrastructure are being created, and why it’s valuable.
  • Community foresight and public imagination. The funding is for projects that
    • Put diverse voices at the centre, and in the lead
    • Activate and strengthen social imagination in communities so that the voices and ideas of local communities can contribute to the renewal of civil society
    • Support communities to develop and use community foresight practices together
    • Develop approaches with communities to create collective visions and demonstrate practical ways for those visions to be acted upon
    • Know how to use what they’ve learned from their project to influence change.
  • Investing in strong signals of transformation. The funding is for projects that:
    • Can show practical ways about where we go from here
    • Need resource to develop their idea so that when the time is right the idea is more likely to be adopted
    • Can show us why they think the time is right for their idea
    • Can show us how they have responded to different challenges - like different patterns of work, community togetherness and the valuing of relationships.
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