Mayor’s Resilience Fund

Grants of up to £30,000 will be available to support the design and testing of innovations that:

  • Build digital and data tools to help London emerge from the current crisis, and fare better during future stresses and shocks.
  • Help small businesses and community organisations to adapt and diversify.
  • Create positive social change that addresses London’s major stresses – from inequality to food insecurity and poor health and wellbeing.

Businesses, social enterprises and community groups will be matched with innovators who will help them find new ways of delivering their products and services to keep up with the accelerated pace of change after the pandemic and to improve their own resilience to future shocks.

  • For example, the Mayor’s Resilience Fund could be used to develop innovative tech solutions that tackle the need to:

  • Create greater food retail diversity so as to boost the economy, improve health and strengthen local communities.
  • Ensure swift and culturally competent community mental health and bereavement support.
  • Purchase vacant or underused retail units to creative re-use so as public spaces.
  • Develop data models that forecast the impact of shocks on supply chains to boost operational resilience.
  • Use technology to predict how demand for food banks may change during a crisis.
  • Help community groups to leverage collective action across networks remotely.