London Community Response Fund

London’s funders are working together to provide coordinated funding to support groups responding to the needs of communities affected by the covid-19 pandemic. This first wave of funding from the collaboration of funders is for urgent needs so that you can cover costs that you are incurring right now to support communities affected by the covid-19 outbreak and the move to social distancing, with a focus on food and essentials. This funding is intended to enable you to cover these essential and urgent costs so that you can carry on providing support to Londoners. You can apply now for a grant up to £5,000 for these immediate and urgent needs.

London Funders will release a second wave of funding in early April for larger grants, service transformation costs, and ongoing work to support communities. They are also exploring funding for some of the longer-term needs of communities and the sector affected by the crisis, and will continue to post updates on funds available on the website.

Applying in this first wave will not prevent you from applying for further funds in due course.

London Funders