The Grenfell Projects Fund

Sunday, 10 November 2019 - 5:00pm

The Grenfell Projects Fund is the new grants programme which will make £600k available to support communities affected by the Grenfell tragedy.  The Expression of Interest (EOI) form which organisations can use to apply is now available.

How much money is available and who can apply

  • Up to £10k is available for existing tenant and resident associations (who are formally constituted and actively engaged with residents)
  • Up to £10k is available for new collectives who are not formally constituted but have the support of an existing organisation who will support the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Up to £50k is available for new and existing organisations who have operated for less than three years and are formally constituted
  • Over £50k is available for existing organisations who have been formally constituted for more than three years with five full time members of staff or more 

The community will be involved in making the decisions on who receives funding. All applicants must be willing to present their projects at a ‘Decision Day’ event or submit a short pre-recorded film that clearly outlines the project you would like to receive grant funding. Up to 300 local residents will vote to allocate funding to the projects they feel best deliver the outcomes residents have told us they want to see. This is known as participatory budgeting. Electronic voting technology will be used to record all votes and the results will be shown immediately on a large screen.

It is most important that the people who access your project are those most affected by the Grenfell Tragedy. Many project beneficiaries will live in the North Kensington area. It is important that your project serves the communities affected by the tragedy and the project must be accessed by those most affected

There will be information events to explain the Grenfell Projects Fund and to demonstrate how participatory budgeting works in practice. You are strongly advised to attend one of the events:

• Monday 7 October, 6pm to 8pm at The Curve Community Centre, Bard Road, W10 6TH

• Saturday 26 October, 10am to 12pm at Latymer Community Church, 116 Bramley Road, W10 6SU

• Saturday 9 November, 10am to 12pm at Latymer Community Church, 116 Bramley Road, W10 6SU

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