Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking Project

Friday, 13 November 2020 - 5:00pm

Check next deadline with Funder. Grants of up to £ 31,000 are available to not-for-profit organisations in England for projects which link younger people aged 5 to 14 from schools and youth organisations with older people living in local care homes.

The aims of the scheme are to:

  • Improve young people’s confidence and develop their leadership skills.
  • Create a world where care homes are truly connected to their communities.
  • Sustainably embed intergenerational linking into the curriculum and ethos of a school and/or youth organisation.

Up to ten grants will be awarded in total.

The funding is for intergenerational linking projects that are bringing together in a meaningful way older people who live in care homes with young people aged 5 to 14 years in schools or youth groups.

Projects do not need to work with the full breadth of the 5 to 14 age range, although projects may choose to work across the age spectrum if they wish.

The focus is on reaching young people who are located in less socio economically advantaged areas.

Eligible projects should aim to enable young and older people to:

  • Imagine and design a range of different activities together, encouraging creativity, giving ownership and increasing feelings of connection and fun.
  • Learn from one another and share in new experiences together, broadening understanding of who the all are and how they all live together.
  • Build meaningful intergenerational friendships which increase a sense of connection and reduce feelings of isolation, especially during lockdown.

Projects must be run within two distinct neighbourhoods within an area. The area can be defined as a county, a local authority area, or a city/town. The required “two neighbourhoods” can be two difference districts or communities within a city/town.

The minimum target is for five care homes and five schools or youth organisations to be engaged in intergenerational linking in each of the two linked neighbourhoods in the local area. Therefore, the total minimum target is ten care homes and ten schools or youth organisations per organisation that is applying for a grant, but organisations can choose to reach more.

Projects must embed and address the six key #iwill principles as set out by The National Lottery’s Community Fund:

  • Be challenging.
  • Be youth led.
  • Be socially impactful.
  • Be progressive.
  • Be embedded.
  • Be reflective.
The National Lottery