What is the Compact?

The Compact is an agreement between national Government and the Voluntary and Community Sector. It was originally developed in November 1998 to improve the relationship between the two parties, and was made up of codes of good practice, outlining the way that both sectors work together.

What happens locally?

Local Compacts have been written to improve partnership working locally. In 2001, Kensington and Chelsea was among the first local authorities to develop and sign-up to a set of codes, about the relationship between the statutory and voluntary sector. This was revised in 2007 and an update was published in May 2011.

The Kensington and Chelsea Compact exists to strengthen working relationships between the public sector and the voluntary and community sector, and lays the foundation for a positive experience when working together.

How does it work?

The local Compact is published by the Kensington and Chelsea Partnership, with commitment from Council, NHS Trusts and other statutory agencies, and the voluntary sector. Implementation and promotion is overseen by a Compact Implementation Group, which involves representatives from the partner organisations.

*** The Kensington and Chelsea Compact is currently being revised to bring it fully up to date with today's environment (see here). If you would like to feed in your suggestions for amendments please contact Siobhan Sollis on ***