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 Issue 3 - Integration



Our third bullen looks at the further Integration between Health and Care.  

The journey to Integration

This report brings together the learning to date from seven key areas that have focused on the integration of health and care services.  The focus goes beyond the narrow definition of health and care to include more preventative approaches including services such as housing, social and community activity.

The report states that the highest levels of impact are achieved by those that have been pursuing integration from 10 to 15 years.

Key learning from the report:

It is possible to have dramatic impact. Three of the most impressive examples are the 36 per cent reduction in emergency admissions in Northumberland, the halving of the rate of growth of health and care in Torbay, and the double digit increases across a wide range of outcomes in Tower Hamlets.

There must be changes in how core processes operate, in what information people have in front of them, in who does what.

It is not enough to focus on the top 1 to 2 per cent of the population who make the most use of health services.  The next 20 to 30 per cent which make up the majority of costs in the system and these groups need to be broken down.

The flow of information is an essential pre-requisite to make change happen and must be taken out of the ‘too difficult’ box.

You can read more about the journey to integration learning here and do keep an eye on our website

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