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Campaigning - tips to get you started

  1. Consider the environment around you and whether the timing is right now for this campaign.
  2. Be clear what your message is and what the aims of your campaign are.
  3. Be sure you have the time and resources to take on the work and maintain the momentum.
  4. Build up a solid evidence base for your argument and pull out key facts to highlight.
  5. Be clear who it is you want to influence and why.
  6. Define specific, achievable goals along the way to achieving your vision.
  7. Draw up a clearly thought out strategy for your campaign.
  8. Involve your users in your campaign where possible.
  9. Identify what drives those you are trying to influence and see if you can find any common ground.
  10. Communicate your message using language that those you are targeting will easily understand. You may need to adapt your language to suite different audiences.
  11. Consider what strategies are appropriate depending on who you are trying to influence e.g. would a direct action stunt work well or is a more low key approach better?
  12. Carefully consider timing when planning what actions to take and ensure you are aware of any key opportunities.
  13. Be ready to answer questions and decide who your spokesperson is to talk to the media.
  14. Reflect on and review the actions that you take to ensure you learn from experience.

Download a PDF leaflet containing these tips here